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One of the primary goals of this Association is to help keep the Alumni stay connected not only with each other but with the Academy as well. In the near future, we hope to release individual profiles for alumni to set up where they can indicate if they are looking for networking opportunities or are in a place where they can provide assistance to any alum who may looking for it.

An item in development is having a searchable database that allows you to filter through it by characteristics such as a person’s major, university they attended and industry they work in/wish to work in. For privacy reasons, we will initially display these results without names and contact information until we can come up with a better method of communication between the person searching and the type of alumni they are looking for.

We continue to set up multiple social networking methods for you to stay connected with the Alumni as we already have a Facebook group and Twitter account for the latest news and updates in place. As we see it necessary, we may continue to expand out through other networking sites or may consolidate everything on this site alone.

If you have any comments or suggestions on how we can better help to keep the Alumni stay connected, please feel free to let us know.